AJAX Search

The built-in search engine utilises AJAX and MySQL's powerful FULLTEXT feature to rapidly return, in real-time, any pages that match your search query.

When you click on a returned result, the visited page will highlight the search terms until one of them is clicked on. Try searching for 'ajax' and clicking on a returned result.

Search results appear here in real-time.

All New Theme Engine!

PHP Sidebar

Embed PHP Code

Sidebars can also contain raw PHP code, enabling you to hook into any script, function or include file. This provides limitless scope for extensibility.

The server date and time below is created on the fly using PHP's gmdate() function.

Date and Time: 19/04/14 17:12:17

Code is locked down and secured via multiple mechanisms.

Single Click Slideshow
  • Example Image 1
  • Example Image 2
  • Example Image 3
  • Example Image 4
  • Example Image 5

This simple slideshow was generated with a single click within the sidebar editor. Images can be linked to any page, file or website.

White Label CMS.

Vanilla is a lightweight Content Management System built around PHP, MySQL, AJAX and jQuery. Its focus on speed, portability and reliability makes it an ideal candidate for white label CMS solutions. Most importantly, Vanilla is incredibly flexible and easy to use.

Features include:

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Last updated: 31/10/2012
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